About Us

Kids Playing with Lego

Welcome to Junior Achievers Montessori pre-school in Vorna Valley, Midrand. We focus on nurturing children emotionally, physically and intellectually to develop to their full potential during the foundation learning stage. Our Directresses are certified in the Montessori Teaching Philosophy and we subscribe to the full Montessori curriculum. Our teachers and staff are well experienced and passionate about guiding the child's development into a 'holistic child' - an adult human being, with confidence and comfortable with himself, with his society, with humanity, as a whole, and who is sufficiently prepared for later learning.

Infant / Baby Class (3 months to around 18 months)

Junior Achievers Montessori  provides a home away from home environment in which every baby can develop and grow to nurture their personality and character in his or her own right.  Stimulation will be done according to the milestones of each baby.  Creative activities will also take place on individual basis.  Daily written feedback will be provided with regards to naps, milk feeds, meals and nappy changes.  We only move the baby to toddler class if they are stable on their feet and that we feel they are ready to.

At Junior Achievers Montessori, school life resembles a home away from home. It is a place for the children to run, play, learn and grow. Junior Achievers Montessori offers the best in Private Montessori Nursery School Education where your child is moulded into a young scholar ready to take on the everyday adventures of Primary School.

The Montessori Nursery School is headed by a passionate Principal and owner of Junior Achievers Montessori, Janinne Morrison, who has a reputation of successfully guiding young minds onto a path of respect, self-love and love for life. At Junior Achievers Montessori our goal is to produce happy, well-balanced and intellectual little people.

This is only obtained through one on one attention and patience for the child to develop at his/her own pace. The small groups allow for this excellent standard of service to be reached.

We have been approved to open during the COVID lockdown 

We have been certified to open by the department of education and adhere to the strick COVID-19 requirements.