"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


We provide a home away from home environment in which every baby can develop and grow to nurture their personality and character in his or her own right.  Stimulation will be done according to the milestones



Story reading, poems, songs, shapes, colours and counting is part of every day.  The routine activities are complimented by creative activities about a weekly theme.



​The concrete materials in the classroom allow the children explore the world through their senses, through touch and motion, and by observing and engaging with others

Junior Achievers Montessori classrooms are each equipped with Montessori Materials designed to stimulate the child’s gross motor skills allowing them to exercise and develop their muscles throughout the work cycle. The tasks aimed at fine motor development, refines the child’s writing abilities.

The Juniors are introduced to learning colours, shapes, identifying the different dimensions and also various animal groups. The balance of their day is filled with fun art activities which allow them to explore their creativity.

The older groups discover the areas of Science and Geography which assist the children to understand the world around them. When ready, they start reading 3 and 4 phonetic readers to assist with early primary grades. The abstract way in which they learn math gives the children a concrete understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

All the children at Junior Achievers Montessori are exposed to learning skills of self-control, where they are required to interrupt correctly, have respect for themselves, their peers, teachers and the environment around them. It is important to groom our children to become independent and successful in life. These necessary skills are only learnt through observation and role modelling.

Each classroom is equipped with specific materials to assist the children with their age appropriate needs.