Grace & Courtesy Area

Excited Children in Science Class

Lessons are given to each child in the environment and usually in a group setting. It is the Directress’s role to give the children the vocabulary, actions and steps required for him to build his awareness and responsiveness of those around him.

This in turn gives the child a better sense of orientation in his social structure. It also allows the child to have a clear understanding as well as a place to perfect himself with others.

These courtesy lessons include how to:

• Greet a person

• Use appropriate manners (please and thank you)

• Sit down and stand up

• Excuse oneself

• Open and close a door

• Interrupt

• Offer help

• Cough and yawn

• Blow ones nose

• Hand objects to another person, especially sharp objects

• Speak using an Inside and an Outside voice

• Take care of and have respect for the environment and his peers

• Deal with social conflict

• Acquire spatial awareness